Friday 26 July 2013

First Post - Oh My!

Who am I?
This is the first time I’ve done anything blog-like, so please bear with me. I think I should probably start off with a few things about myself (brief things, promise!)

I’m a young woman in my early twenties, living in a tiny South London flat with my lovely partner of over four years. I have a nice stable job which is worryingly shaping up into a career of sorts. I have a degree in art history but I can’t make art – though I occasionally enjoy embroidery. I’m a feminist. I have a penchant for white wine, and I love to learn stuff.  

I identify as bisexual, and I love films.

Sexuality-wise, I have a fairly uninteresting backstory (though a better adjective is probably ‘fortunate’). Bisexuality always seemed fairly logical to me, being interested in all things sex from my very early teens. No one ever really hassled me over it and I’ve never really felt discriminated against or self-conscious about it. So lucky me, I suppose. Other than having my heart broken once or twice (sad violin) I mostly just had a lot of fun being Bi. Even my current (dude) partner barely batted an eyelid when I ‘came out’ to him.

Yeah, I told you it was dull.

What’s this blog all about?

Well, as I said, I love sex and I love cinema, and I love it when the two combine (oddly enough, not a huge porn fan – just not my bag). I started really thinking about the portrayal of bisexuality in movies (and tv) when I noticed that a lot of the characters I liked the best – mostly villains, eloquent psycopaths and generally dangerous bastards – had what you could call ‘bisexual traits’. In that they definitely exhibited a sexual attraction for both sexes – be it for the protagonist they are trying to cause trouble for, or for one of their equally depraved minions.

I initially thought this was kind of cool – who doesn’t love a badass? At least they weren’t wimps! But then I started thinking about why bisexuality fitted so neatly alongside murder, rape, sadism, sociopathy, manipulation… etc. etc. is bi-behaviour being used here as a symptom of psycho-killer syndrome?! This was interesting.

Then I found this awesome site, with this awesome list, and I wanted to know more! …But it turned out that there actually weren’t many articles about bisexual characters in cinema (not that I could find, anyway – please link me if you know of any!), let alone blogs. In fact, among the myriad of LGBTQ etc. blogs, there were very, very few ‘B’ blogs. So here we go.

So what are you going to do?

Watch a lot of movies. With bisexual themes, or characters who could be read as bisexual (pansexual too, of course). Then I’m going to blog about ‘em, see if any more tropes come up, see if any interesting patterns appear. That’s pretty much it, honest. This blog is not a diary, not about me and my feelings (I do have them though, honest!). Just movies and my observations.

I’ll also blog about anything related to bisexuality in movies.

It would be really cool if people got involved in helping me out – I’d love to have movies recommended to me, tips on blogging, ideas for posts – or even call me out if I do or say something that’s not cool with you.


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